Since its inception in 1994 to provide software development services to the gas giant BG plc, Samaan Systems Limited’s client portfolio has grown and today embraces customers in diverse industries including finance, healthcare, oil and gas and diverse locations such as the UK, USA, France, Grenada, Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago.  The success of past projects has led to most clients initiating multiple projects with us over the company’s lifetime.

Key to Samaan Systems’ success is concentration on our core competence. We solve problems with existing business and software processes through thorough analysis, implementing comprehensive solutions, rigorously testing the system and then fine-tuning to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Our services include:

  • Software development – Samaan Systems adheres to international software development standards utilizing a range of tools including, but not limited, to C#, ASP.NET, Visual FoxPro, PHP, Python & SQL Server.
  • Web development services – we develop comprehensive eBusiness solutions in a variety of scripting languages including Active Server Pages, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript and VBScript.
  • Hardware and software purchasing advice – we offer the benefit of our  experience and expertise in determining the best platforms and accessories to optimize system performance and plan for future growth
  • Training – we provide software development training tailored to a company’s needs.

Samaan Systems Ltd. is an agile company offering exceptional value for your investment in IT.  We maintain a small permanent staff and utilize a select team of highly skilled and experienced contractors - all university graduates with over ten years’ experience; all true professionals in their speciality.

This mode of operation allows us to tailor the development methodology, the development team, project schedule and costs to precisely meet your requirements.  Our outstanding rate of successful project completion within the specified budget, time frame and quality requirements and great satisfaction of our customers bears testimony to the merits of our approach.

With our experience, skills, versatility, proven track record and commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, Samaan Systems Ltd. will provide you with a simple solution that works.

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