Optical Order Processing

Order Management Software for Optometric Suppliers

Best Practice – Optical Order Processing is a software application designed and built for Suppliers to the Optometric trade.


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The system tracks

  • Sales Orders, including Patient Reference to assist the customer in tracking the order back to their patient,
  • Customer & Vendor Information,
  • Inventory,
  • Sales/Invoices


  • No more searching through paper records.
  • Enter the Sales Order, hit a Process button and the Delivery Record & Invoice are created automagically for you.
  • Purchase Order created if insufficient stock on hand.
  • Printing/Emailing of all reports, including Purchase Orders.
  • Customer Reminders when due for re-ordering.
  • Discounts – flexible, user defined discounting options.
  • Inventory – accurate stock control automatically performed. Bar code labeling of stock and scanning at Point of Sale.
  • Interface with QuickBooks available at the flick of a switch. (See more...)

    All Items, Vendors and Customers used in the system are pulled from QuickBooks. When you Process a Sales Order, the Invoice is created in QuickBooks and the Inventory adjusted as well. This way, QuickBooks is automatically up to date with your sales! No data entry needs to be done in QuickBooks except maintenance of your Stock, Customer and Vendor Lists.

  • User configurable security controls. (See more...)

    You define Security Groups and what type of access rights each group has to the controlled items within the system, then define users and add them to appropriate groups. You can override the group's access rights by specifying access exceptions at the user level.